At African Trading Port we have attempted to bring Africa under one roof. Artwork from practically each African country and culture is available. ATP’s roots started with the establishment of an art workshop in Zimbabwe in 1978. We have been housed in our current location; the Old Port Captain’s Building at Cape Town’s Waterfront since 2001.

The considerable amount of time that has been devoted to sourcing African art has allowed us to establish close relationships with successive generations of Africa’s leading artists. We stock an immense array of objects d’art including sculpture, artifacts, ceramics, pottery, bronzeware and glassware. Although our collection focuses on the work of recognised artists, we also devote display space to some of the younger, emerging artists from the African continent.”


African Trading Port employs 60 permanent staff and 500 “art-scouts” who travel specific regions of Africa, going deep into the rural areas and working directly with local communities to collect available artworks.


Great emphasis is placed on the originality of the goods we source and fair practices in terms of prices paid. In addition all laws on the movement of goods, local taxes and logistics are strictly adhered to.


African Trading Port has become a passion more than a business for those who work there and we would be pleased to assist you with any requests you may have.

African Trading Port has developed into a true “Wonder” on the Cape Town tourist map, attracting up to 3000 visitors per day. Come visit us on your next visit to Cape Town…it will be one of the highlights of your vacation!